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I most recently directed Barry McStay's 'Breeding' at the King's Head Theatre's new building in Islington Square.



Breeding   |   King's Head Theatre   |   Barry McStay  |   2024

Fame Whore   |   King's Head Theatre  |   Tom Ratcliffe & Gigi Zahir  |   2022


"Ratcliffe structures his play into three short acts that form a modern morality tale with Faustian overtones. It’s an entertaining, outspoken piece that humorously demystifies the manipulation of social media. At face value, Fame Whore is an arch queer satire, interspersed with a few amiable songs. But beneath the glitter and Alys Whitehead’s gloriously sleek mirrored set design, there’s a serious message about the fragility of the influencer age that we currently inhabit. "
- The Stage on Fame Whore

"Tom Ratcliffe writes and directs a bleak drag comedy on the trappings of modern fame, exploring online relevance, performative activism, and authenticity. He introduces a contemporary anti-hero who quickly learns that audience is currency and who's ready to do what it takes to become viral. Fame Whore is a clever, hilarious play full of personality, populated by pop culture references, and lined with solid social commentary."

- Broadway World on Fame Whore

"Ratcliffe’s Fame Whore is cleverly written and full of layers – an overall entertaining story. The stage design was simple but clever, and I enjoyed the use of big screens to display social media platforms, function as gigantic video call screens, and to feature a variety of different characters."

- Lost in Theatreland on Fame Whore

"The brilliant script is brought to life vividly by our cast, who handle Ratcliffe’s fast tempo and the wide variety of emotions: joy, grief and rage, faultlessly. Colorful and multi-sensory set, lighting and sound design by Ruby Law, Rachel Sampley and Jac Cooper help to transform the small space of the Kings Head Theatre into an immersive experience. It's dynamic enough to enhance key moments of the play without taking our attention away from the story."

- Theatre News on Breeding

"Under the expert direction of Tom Ratcliffe, the cast effortlessly navigates the highs and lows of the narrative, striking a delicate balance between longing and humour."

- All Things Theatre on Breeding

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